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fork of alxhill's at not sure why, but the original wasn't working for me when the scope model updated. spyElems[] was undefined for new elements at line 37 and caused scrollfix to break after a model change. am using v1.2.0-8336b3a also add a quick attribute to allow easy custom buf…
angular.module('jobFoundryDirectives').directive 'spy', ($location) ->
restrict: "A"
require: "^scrollSpy"
link: (scope, elem, attrs, scrollSpy) ->
attrs.spyClass ?= "current" ->
scope.$apply ->
id: attrs.spy
in: -> elem.addClass attrs.spyClass,
out: -> elem.removeClass attrs.spyClass
angular.module('jobFoundryDirectives').directive 'scrollSpy', ($window) ->
restrict: 'A'
controller: ($scope) ->
$scope.spies = []
@addSpy = (spyObj) -> $scope.spies.push spyObj
link: (scope, elem, attrs) ->
spyElems = {}
topBuffer = if attrs.topBuffer then attrs.topBuffer else 0
scope.$watchCollection 'spies', (spies) ->
for spy in spies
unless spyElems[]?
spyElems[] = elem.find('#'
$($window).scroll ->
highlightSpy = null
for spy in scope.spies
# the elem might not have been available when it was originally cached,
# so we check again to get another element in case this one doesn't exist.
if !spyElems[]? or spyElems[].length is 0
spyElems[] = elem.find('#'
# the element could still not exist, so we check first to avoid errors
if spyElems[]? and spyElems[].length isnt 0
if (pos = spyElems[].offset().top) - $window.scrollY <= topBuffer
spy.pos = pos
highlightSpy ?= spy
if highlightSpy.pos < spy.pos
highlightSpy = spy
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