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Last active February 9, 2020 12:35
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bitFlyer LightningのHTTP Public APIから取得した取引情報をMariaDB上に格納するためのテーブル定義。
-- See for details.
drop table if exists crypto_currency_info_cache;
create table crypto_currency_info_cache (
id int (11) not null auto_increment,
product_code varchar(40) unique,
info_at datetime,
tick_id int,
best_bid double,
best_ask double,
best_bid_size double(20,8),
best_ask_size double(20,8),
total_bid_depth double(20,8),
total_ask_depth double(20,8),
ltp double,
volume double(20,8),
volume_by_product double(20,8),
primary key(id)
) ENGINE=InnoDB default charset=utf8mb4;
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