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View gist:fb6aff95fb2cdf6e5fd358f3069f25ad
using import struct
struct T
a = 0
RcT := (Rc T)
struct Container
data : RcT
View corona_per_capita.txt
using data from 3/13/2020 3:53:03 p.m.
infected population per capita^-1
US 1,268 327,200,000 258,044
japan 639 126,800,000 198,435
UK 593 66,440,000 112,040
austria 302 8,822,000 29,211
germany 3,059 82,790,000 27,064
fn iCube (ro rd)
""""For ``ro + rd * t`` returns near and far ``t`` that intersect with
a cube of unit size at origin, as well as a boolean indicating
whether a hit was made, and normal vectors for entry and exit point
which can also be used as integer offsets into the neighboring cubes.
let stp = (sign rd)
# avoid a situation where inf - inf = nan
let p = ((- ro) * stp)
let rdinv = (/ (abs rd))
let h0 = ((p - 0.5) * rdinv)
using import ..tukan.random
local rnd : (Random)
'seed rnd 1234
let NUM_ROUNDS = 32
let START_MONEY = 100
View gist:57f5ddf3bf4b1b24a29d5d66a14043a3
fn... linear->sRGB
case (x : f32,)
1.055 * (x ** (1.0 / 2.4)) - 0.055
12.92 * x
step x 0.0031308
case (x : vec3,)
1.055 * (x ** (vec3 (1.0 / 2.4))) - 0.055
12.92 * x
#!/usr/bin/env scopes
using import console
#using import ...conspire.module
let source-path argc argv = (script-launch-args)
# transform command line to symbolic list
let cmd =
fold (cmd = '()) for i in (rrange 0 argc)
let arg = (argv @ i)
View lmdb_fmt.txt
A module consists of three key-value stores mapping following types:
Blob DB: Id (u32) -> blob (arbitrary size...)
Hash DB: SHA-1 Hash (u160) -> Id (u32)
Edge DB: Edge IdId IdId (2 x u64) -> IdId (u64)
All keys and values are aigned to 8 bytes.
An Id is a integer mapping to a unique sequence of bytes. Simultaneously
with the Id, a hash DB is filled that maps the sequence's SHA-1 value to
View gist:cf453b79a171d677dcb7ea6b9602c722
enum Options
A : i32 i64 i64
B : i64 (vector i32 4)
fn testval (x y z)
let rad =
Options.A x y z
dispatch rad
case A (a b c)
View glmtest.cpp
// gcc glmtest.cpp -o glmtest -lstdc++ && ./glmtest
#include <stdio.h>
#include <glm/glm.hpp>
using namespace glm;
void print(const vec3 &v) {
printf("%f %f %f\n\n", v[0], v[1], v[2]);
View stb_image_ex.c
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
typedef unsigned char stbi_uc;
extern void stbi_flip_y(int w, int h, int comp, stbi_uc *data);
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