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(* Script to record and tag spotify tracks, by Lloyd Moore *)
(* Modified by Tiffany G. Wilson to resolve audio splitting issues, automate starting/stopping, and add recording customization *)
(* Snippets for controlling Spotify are from Johnny B on tumblr ( *)
(* The idea of using delayed tagging/filename updating is from a guest user on pastebin ( *)
(* The only thing to change in the script is the output format; you must change the file extension and the recording format to match *)
(* Run this script once a song you want to record is queued (stopped at beginning) or playing *)
(* Running the script will initiate hijacking, recording and audio playback *)
(* To stop script, pause Spotify or wait for album/playlist to end*)
(* To set id3 tags, use application Kid3 ( and copy '%{artist} - %{album} - %{track} - %{title}' from file name to Tag 2 *)
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# Installation:
# 1. Save this script to /some/bin/cf-ssh-background
# 2. chmod 755 /some/bin/cf-ssh-background
# 3. alias cfssh=/some/bin/cf-ssh-background
# 4. Configure your host colors below.
set_color() {
local HEX_FG=$1
local HEX_BG=$2