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function animateFavicon () {
const frameDelay = 10;
const angleChange = .5;
let angle = 0;
let lastFrameTime = 0;
const favicon = document.querySelector("[rel='icon']");
const canvas = document.createElement('canvas');
const ctx = canvas.getContext('2d');
const img = new Image();
panphora / taxes.js
Last active December 2, 2023 00:45
# calculate your taxes in your browser console
## Usage ##
taxes.bracket(0, 22000, .10)
taxes.bracket(22001, 89450, .12);
taxes.bracket(89451, 190750, .22);
# taxes.js - calculate Federal Taxes
## Usage:
taxes.bracket(0, 22000, 0.10)
taxes.bracket(22001, 89450, 0.12);
taxes.bracket(89451, 190750, 0.22);
panphora / polite-pop-email-platforms.js
Created April 7, 2023 18:17
How to use AJAX POST or JSONP to send subscribers to ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Mailerlite, SendFox, and EmailOctopus on the front-end
import toastNotification from "./toast-notification";
import {callEventCallbacks} from "./event-callbacks";
let emailPlatforms = [
urlIncludes: "",
subscribeFunction: addSubscriberToConvertKit
urlIncludes: "",
/* never show exit intent pop: */
.polite-pop__pop--exit-intent {
display: none !important;
let politeScript = document.createElement("script");
politeScript.src = "";
if you want to allow{username}
here are the words you wouldn't want people to use
as their username
words followed by star (*) mean you don't want to
function addSubscriberToConvertKit ({firstName, email, formAction, onSuccess, onError}) {
fetch(formAction, {
method: "POST",
body: JSON.stringify({
"first_name": firstName,
"email_address": email
headers: {
"Accept": "application/json",
"Content-Type": "application/json"
function addSubscriberToMailChimp ({email, firstName, formAction, onSuccess, onError}) {
// Get url for mailchimp
let url = (formAction || "").replace('/post?', '/post-json?');
// add email and first name
url += `&EMAIL=${encodeURIComponent(email)}&FNAME=${encodeURIComponent(firstName)}`;
// Create & add post script to the DOM
let script = document.createElement('script');
script.src = url + "&c=mailchimpCallback";
panphora /
Created January 1, 2022 18:19
Why I'm Building Remake

Why I'm Building Remake

I’m beyond frustrated with modern web development. It feels hyper-inefficient when it could be completely streamlined.

We currently use massively scalable tools from the biggest companies on earth to solve even the most basic problems. We’ve got infinitely nested component with jumbles of state being passed every which way, a new build tool or framework or best practice every week, and then we have to constantly switch contexts between 12+ disparate technologies just to get an app online.

There should be a simpler way for product-focused founders who want to solve user problems instead of spending all their time debugging their monster stack and gluing things back together.

What about the concept of a “web app object”? A dynamic object that looks like an HTML node but contains all the web app capabilities you need across the stack collapsed into a single primitive.


This document is an attempt to pin down all the things you don't think about when quoting for a project, and hopefully provide a starting point for some kind of framework to make quoting, working and delivering small-medium jobs more predictable and less stressful.


The hardest bit of any job, and lots of pitfalls

Estimating the work

  • the actual work of what you see on screen will only be a fraction of the work to do