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VBoxGuestAdditions on MAC

Enabling Clipboard: VirtualBox Manager -> Settings -> General -> Advanced -> Shared Clipboard /Drag’n’Drop: bidirectional

Installing Guests Additions:

Enabling optical drive: VirtualBox Manager -> Settings -> Storage -> Controller Sata -> Adds optical Drive -> Leave Empty

Copy Guest Additions to the available folder on Mac: Finder -> Applications -> VirtualBox right click, Show Package Content -> Contents -> MacOS: copy VBoxGuestAdditions.iso somewhere to the folder

Open disk on virtual machine: Run VM -> top menu, Devices -> Optical Drives -> Choose disk image -> choose the file you’ve just copied

Mount Guest Additions and install: open terminal ->

mkdir temp sudo mount /dev/cdrom temp cd temp chmod u+x sudo ./ reboot

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octoturt commented Feb 11, 2019

How do you deal with "Unable to determine correct library path"?

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MemoryReload commented Sep 19, 2019

sudo apt update -y && apt upgrade
sudo apt install dkms linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential
You must do this before execute ./, since the kernel may need update and kernel source should be installed when the scripts compile the vbox modules.

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