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Created Nov 30, 2008
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ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (SQLite3::SQLException: no such table: blogs: SELECT * FROM "blogs" ):
/app/controllers/blogs_controller.rb:5:in `index'
thin (0.6.4) lib/thin/connection.rb:35:in `process'
thin (0.6.4) lib/thin/connection.rb:23:in `receive_data'
eventmachine (0.10.0) lib/eventmachine.rb:1056:in `event_callback'
eventmachine (0.10.0) lib/eventmachine.rb:224:in `run_machine'
eventmachine (0.10.0) lib/eventmachine.rb:224:in `run'
thin (0.6.4) lib/thin/server.rb:113:in `start'
thin (0.6.4) lib/thin/controllers/controller.rb:59:in `start'
thin (0.6.4) lib/thin/runner.rb:143:in `send'
thin (0.6.4) lib/thin/runner.rb:143:in `run_command'
thin (0.6.4) lib/thin/runner.rb:114:in `run!'
thin (0.6.4) bin/thin:6
/opt/local/bin/thin:16:in `load'
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