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Node.js HTML5 video streamer
* Inspired by:
var http = require('http'),
fs = require('fs'),
util = require('util');
http.createServer(function (req, res) {
var path = 'video.mp4';
var stat = fs.statSync(path);
var total = stat.size;
if (req.headers['range']) {
var range = req.headers.range;
var parts = range.replace(/bytes=/, "").split("-");
var partialstart = parts[0];
var partialend = parts[1];
var start = parseInt(partialstart, 10);
var end = partialend ? parseInt(partialend, 10) : total-1;
var chunksize = (end-start)+1;
console.log('RANGE: ' + start + ' - ' + end + ' = ' + chunksize);
var file = fs.createReadStream(path, {start: start, end: end});
res.writeHead(206, { 'Content-Range': 'bytes ' + start + '-' + end + '/' + total, 'Accept-Ranges': 'bytes', 'Content-Length': chunksize, 'Content-Type': 'video/mp4' });
} else {
console.log('ALL: ' + total);
res.writeHead(200, { 'Content-Length': total, 'Content-Type': 'video/mp4' });
}).listen(1337, '');
console.log('Server running at');
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nicolsondsouza commented Nov 14, 2014


It works for me that is true,
but I get this error and crash the server if I fast forward it.
Can't render headers after they are sent to the client.
any idea what could be the problem

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foysalit commented Apr 18, 2015

man you're my hero! seriously, you rock!

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CreeJee commented Jul 21, 2015

thanks man!

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uhfg123 commented Aug 14, 2015

Is it possible to stream the youtube video through this module? How can i Play youtube video through this module?

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cafe4it commented Oct 23, 2015

thanks, it works for meteor js too.

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aida-mirabadi commented Oct 27, 2015

awesome.. Thanks, works for me

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hankphung commented Nov 16, 2015

This cool but I'm looking for solution to stop the readStream when client close or disconnected. :(

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realinit commented Jan 2, 2016

var range = req.headers.range;
console.log("range>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "+range);
var total = fs.statSync("/home/nitin/Minecraft + Node.js + = Awesome-dTIv_f-Ll2g.mp4").size;// your video size.. you can use fs.statSync("filename").size to get the size of the video if it is stored in a file system
splitq = range.split(/[-=]/),
start = +splitq[1],
end = splitq[2] ? +splitq[2] : total - 1,
chunkSize = end - start + 1;

    var start = parseInt(start, 10);
    var end = end ? parseInt(end, 10) : total - 1;
    var chunksize = (end - start) + 1;
    console.log('RANGE: ' + start + ' - ' + end + ' = ' + chunksize);

Use this one for correct it...enjoy

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rajswarnam commented Jan 5, 2016

I am having trouble getting stream to work in chrome .. This works perfectly in Mozilla. Any ideas ? Appreciate all your help.

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felipenoris commented Jan 31, 2016

Thank you!

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deefens commented Feb 12, 2016

I have the same issue as rajswarnam, works like a charme on all desktop browsers and mobile firefox & safari, but not mobile chrome for android. Console log shows the same request from chrome mobile than chrome desktop, but the player stays blank.

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silvaros commented Feb 21, 2016

This helped me learn how to do it. Thanks!

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GrimStal commented Jun 24, 2016

Man, you're the best. I spent two hours for tries to send video correctly. Thank you

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acesama commented Jul 11, 2016

works like magic , thx

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BlogBlocks commented Jul 17, 2016

Works fine. I left it as it was and it played video at http://localhost:1337/

I used it to pipe video to my public port

When the public port received the video it needed no name - just < source src="" type="video/mp4">

It worked fine to broadcast on internet.

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ricardoalcocer commented Jul 25, 2016

I started this side project based on code on this Gist :

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vijayrajanna commented Aug 3, 2016

Video streaming server under a minute.. Excellent work !!!

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puigdoalvic commented Aug 8, 2016

It works! But I have one question,

Can I save the current time ends my video in my Javascript? I need to save the current time when start the video in my navigator and when finished the video in the navigator or when I close my navigator.

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tkanike commented Dec 22, 2016

Nice work. i need to prevent download option on videos in all browser to the users.

can please help

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steebchen commented Jan 4, 2017

You're using a sync method using Node.js. That's probably the worst thing you could do since the whole process hangs while .statSync() gets invoked.

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NguyenTungs commented Feb 15, 2017

Hi @paolorossi.
Thanks for share your code. I want to ask to you a question!
How to prevent download video when streaming for user? Thanks!

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jersobh commented Apr 24, 2017

How would be a live stream? I mean, this way every time you open "localhost:port", it plays the file from the beginning over again

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realcygnus commented Jun 25, 2017

great stuff

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shalonteoh commented Jul 24, 2017

thank you so so much!!!!!

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swagasoft commented Nov 22, 2018

yea works. But i need help on how to make play on selected video.

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mirajehossain commented Jan 7, 2019

Thanks, man <3, its works as expected.

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JupyterJones commented Feb 20, 2020

worked fine I can ssh pipe videos from my VPS

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chawk commented Sep 18, 2020

The best!

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emdin commented Oct 16, 2020

9 years, and still works flawlessly. Kudos!

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pinksynth commented Mar 16, 2021

Very helpful! Thank you! ❤️

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