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# clone iPXE
git clone git://
cd ipxe/src
# build ipxe rom
make bin/8086100e.rom # e1000
make bin/virtio-net.rom # virtio
make bin/10ec8139.rom # rtl8139
# now copy into /usr/share/kvm. Backup the old copies first.
cp bin/8086100e.rom /usr/share/kvm/pxe-e1000.rom
cp bin/virtio-net.rom /usr/share/kvm/pxe-virtio.rom
cp bin/10ec8139.rom /usr/share/kvm/pxe-rtl8139.rom

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commented Sep 14, 2019

I followed your script and furthermore defined DOWNLOAD_PROTO_HTTPS in config/general.h, but proxmox seems to ignore the updated roms. Do I have to take any further steps?

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