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Fake Referrer with Phantomjs
var system = require('system');
// Exit in case of wrong parameter count.
if (system.args.length !== 3) {
console.log('Usage: scriptname targetUrl referrer');
console.log('example: $> phantomjs fake-referrer.phantom.js');
// Set the important pieces
var targetUrl = system.args[1];
var referrer = system.args[2];
console.log('Going to open '+targetUrl+' with the referrer '+referrer);
var page = require('webpage').create();
// set our custom referer [sic]
page.customHeaders = {
"Referer" : referrer
page.onLoadFinished = function(status){
page.customHeaders = {};
// get the currentUrl
var currentUrl = page.evaluate(function() {
return document.location.href;
// get the referrer
var currentReferrer = page.evaluate(function() {
return document.referrer;
console.log('Loading ' + currentUrl + ' finished with status: ' + status+'. document.referrer is: '+currentReferrer);
// Only once do
if ( page.firstLoad ) {
page.firstLoad = false;
console.log('Injecting the Link.');
// Inject and Click a Link to our target
page.evaluate(function (href) {
// Create and append the link
var link = document.createElement('a');
link.setAttribute('href', href);
// Dispatch Click Event on the link
var evt = document.createEvent('MouseEvents');
evt.initMouseEvent('click', true, true, window, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, false, false, false, false, 0, link);
}, targetUrl);
} else {
page.firstLoad = true;;

Thnx for the script! At least one modification should be made: after resetting the firstLoad indicator (line 39) the customHeaders should be cleared with "page.customHeaders = {};". Otherwise the referrer will be also send to every object (including images) loaded by the page. Some servers don't accept requests to elements from different hosts.

Well, at least I know it's not just me…

$ phantomjs -v
$ phantomjs fake-referrer.phantom.js
Going to open with the referrer
Loading about:blank finished with status: fail. document.referrer is:
Injecting the Link.
Loading finished with status: success. document.referrer is:

Eldair commented Jun 29, 2016

Unfortunately not working :|

yes it is not working

Use Settings:

var settings = {
  headers: {
   "Referer": "referer_url"

And pass it as the second argument on function, like that:, settings, function(status) {

dpkcse commented Jan 22, 2017

how it will use?


page.onResourceRequested = function(r,n){

	page.customHeaders = {};


This is where the customHeaders should be cleared, and NOT in onLoadFinished because all elements called by that first page would still have the referer instead of the page itself.
And you can always put a condition to call it only once for neatness but I doubt there would be any performance improvement.

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