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Rafal Pastuszak paprikka

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paprikka / Preferences.sublime-settings
Created Sep 27, 2013
A generic ST config for Mac & Windows. Don't forget to install Package Control and feed this baby with plugins!
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"use strict"
var a = 'foo';
function foo() {
var a = 'bar';
paprikka / preloadGUI.cs
Created Dec 6, 2016
Poor man's prefabs
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public class GUIScreenLoader
private Transform container;
private MainNavGUIConfig config; // a ScriptableObject with a list of easily editable components
// it also contains a GUI Scene reference, for more control over
// resource loading.
public GUIScreenLoader(MainNavGUIConfig config, Transform container)
this.config = config;
$ npm i -g lana-cli
# or
$ yarn global add lana-cli
paprikka / import.json
Created Apr 23, 2017
ES import with better autocomplete
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// Add this to your VSCode snippets
"import": {
"prefix": "imm",
"description": "ES module import",
"body": [
"import ${2:scope} from '${1:moduleName}'",
paprikka / sharedRouter.js
Created Oct 16, 2017
Shared router event subscriptions in Next.js
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// usage:
// 1. import in your page/component/layout
// 2. subscribe in componentDidMount
// 3. make sure you unsubscribe in componentWillUnmount
import Router from 'next/router'
import { Observable } from 'rxjs'
console.log('route: initialising router')
export const routeChangeStart$ = Observable.create(
paprikka / createRequestHandler.ts
Created Dec 7, 2017
Handle Restify endpoints as Observables using RxJS
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import { Observable, Subscription } from 'rxjs'
import {
} from 'restify'
export interface RequestContext {
req: Request,
res: Response,
paprikka / route.js
Created Oct 27, 2018
Hapi route example
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import Joi from 'joi';
import Events from '../events';
const route = {
handler: ({params: {props}}, reply) => {
let parsedData;
try {
parsedData = JSON.parse(decodeURIComponent(props));
} catch (err) {
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