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paradigm72/logicalCoords.js Secret

Created May 19, 2013
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ImpactJS plugin for dealing with entity placement using relative positioning (i.e., logical coordinates instead of absolute screen.x / screen.y coordinates).
.defines(function() {
logicalRatio: function() {
var xRatio = this.consts.screenWidth / 100;
var yRatio = this.consts.screenHeight / 100;
return { x: xRatio, y: yRatio};
//Return the logical coordinates (normalized to 0 to 100) of the entity
logicalPos: function() {
var xPos = this.pos.x /;
var yPos = this.pos.y /;
return { x: xPos, y: yPos};
//Update the x or y coordinates of the entity using the logical position
setLogicalX: function(x, useCenter) {
if (useCenter === true) {
this.pos.x = x * - this.size.x / 2;
else {
this.pos.x = x *;
setLogicalY: function(y) {
this.pos.y = y *;

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@paradigm72 paradigm72 commented May 19, 2013

Created because I needed a way to ensure that entities appeared in sane positions regardless of the screen height and width. Useful for games where the screen size in pixels is not fixed because it scales with the device.

Example usage:

//where "this" is an ImpactJS entity object:
this.setLogicalX(50, true);

This will move the entity to be 50% of the way across the screen horizontally, and 75% of the way down the screen vertically.

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