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Convert TeX math expressions into svg via MathJax and Node.js

SVG from TeX Math Expression

Install Node.js

Install Node.js from or via your distrubution's package manager. So e.g. for Debian based distros like Ubuntu:

sudo apt install npm

and for Ubuntu to properly install some packages also

sudo apt install nodejs-legacy

Create a Simple MathJax Converter

Create a folder Tex2Svg and open a command prompt here to install mathjax-node:

npm install mathjax-node

And then create tex2svg.js:

#!/usr/bin/env node
var mjAPI = require("mathjax-node");

if (process.argv.length != 3) {
  console.log("No expression given!\n");
  console.log("Usage: " + process.argv[0] + " " + process.argv[1] + " <TeX expression>");

var yourMath = process.argv[2];

  math: yourMath,
  format: "TeX",
}, function (data) {
  if (!data.errors)


node ./tex2svg.js "f(x) = x^2" > parabola.svg
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