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Chrome shortcut to search MDN

mdn Chrome Search Shortcut

Shortcut to perform a Google I'm Feeling Lucky search on

MDN search animation

1. Settings: Manage search engines...

Google Chrome Settings Page

2. Add other search engine

Google Chrome Search Engines Settings Page

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jjspace commented Dec 9, 2019

The "I'm Feeling Lucky" url now forces a "Redirect Notice" so this method no longer works as nice as it probably used to.
A solution is to use DuckDuckGo's top hit search instead.
Uses forward slash before the query terms:\QUERY
This would make the search query for the custom engine (the last link in the guide)\

This will achieve the same functionality by taking you dierctly to MDN's page.

Extra side note. DuckDuckGo has a thing called Bang notation which searches within the target site.
If you wanted to perform a search ON MDN's site instead of just going to the first result use the query string!mdn+%s

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ahmafi commented Jan 13, 2022

You can also search directly in MDN with this search URL (for those who got here with google):

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