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Created March 6, 2020 20:28
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use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Auth;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route;
| Web Routes
| Here is where you can register web routes for your application. These
| routes are loaded by the RouteServiceProvider within a group which
| contains the "web" middleware group. Now create something great!
Route::get('/', function () {
return redirect()->route("home");
Route::get("/acerca-de", function () {
return view("misc.acerca_de");
"reset" => false,// no pueden olvidar contraseña
Route::get('/home', 'HomeController@index')->name('home');
// Permitir logout con petición get
Route::get("/logout", function () {
return redirect()->route("home");
->group(function () {
Route::resource("productos", "ProductosController");
Route::get("/ventas/ticket", "VentasController@ticket")->name("ventas.ticket");
Route::resource("ventas", "VentasController");
Route::get("/vender", "VenderController@index")->name("vender.index");
Route::post("/productoDeVenta", "VenderController@agregarProductoVenta")->name("agregarProductoVenta");
Route::delete("/productoDeVenta", "VenderController@quitarProductoDeVenta")->name("quitarProductoDeVenta");
Route::post("/cancelarVenta", "VenderController@cancelarVenta")->name("cancelarVenta");
Route::post("/terminarVenta", "VenderController@terminarVenta")->name("terminarVenta");
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