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pascalpoitras /
Last active June 1, 2024 17:20

the hook_focus is triggered only if there's already a bind

for example the buflist already have a mouse bind so

/trigger add buflist_click focus buflist "" "" "/print -core clicked on buflist item"

then click on the buflist, the message is print

the time item in the status bar doesn't have any bind by default so

pascalpoitras /
Last active December 6, 2023 22:48
bar at the bottom very ugly hack
/trigger add myline_refresh signal signal_sigwinch "" "" "/item refresh myline"
/item add myline "" "${repeat:${info:term_width},${color:underline} }"
/bar add myline root bottom 1 0 myline
/bar set myline priority 9000
pascalpoitras /
Last active August 10, 2023 16:12
made for someone on IRC

WeeChat Screenshot


/alias add cycle_build /mute /unset plugins.var.buffer_cycle;/mute /set plugins.var.buffer_cycle_cond $*;/allbuf /eval /${if:${eval_cond:${plugins.var.buffer_cycle_cond}}!=?mute /set plugins.var.buffer_cycle ${plugins.var.buffer_cycle} ${}}
/alias add cycle_cond /cycle_build $*;/eval /mute /buffer cycle ${plugins.var.buffer_cycle}


/cycle_cond ${channel} =~ l

pascalpoitras /
Last active July 1, 2023 18:37
irc smart per filter toggling (made for someone on IRC

It seems we can't toggle a filter per buffer (we have @ but it applies to all the filters of the buffer). Here is a hack that enable or disable the irc_smart filter globally depending on a buffer localvar

/script install

/key bind meta-! /mute -core /eval /toggle buffer_autoset.buffer.${buffer.full_name}.localvar_set_irc_smart 1 0;/mute -core /eval /filter ${if:${buffer_autoset.buffer.${buffer.full_name}.localvar_set_irc_smart}!=?enable:disable} irc_smart

/trigger addreplace irc_smart_toggle signal buffer_switch
/trigger set irc_smart_toggle command "/mute -core /filter ${if:${buffer_autoset.buffer.${buffer[${tg_signal_data}].full_name}.localvar_set_irc_smart}?enable:disable} irc_smart"
pascalpoitras /
Last active June 10, 2023 16:26
I created this for someone on IRC

weechat screenshot

/item addreplace warning_color "${buffer.local_variables.is_color_enabled}" "${color:black,red}+c is ON"

/trigger addreplace warning_item_build signal *,irc_in_MODE;*,irc_in_324
/trigger set warning_item_build conditions "${tg_signal} =~ 324$ || ${tg_signal} =~ MODE$ && ${param2} =~ (?-i)c"
/trigger set warning_item_build regex "/.*/${if:${tg_signal}=~MODE?${param2}:${param3}}/my_mode /(?-i)[^-+c]//my_mode /.*/${if:${my_mode}==*+c}/is_color_enabled"
/trigger set warning_item_build command "/command -buffer ${buffer[${info:irc_buffer,${server},${channel}}].full_name} * /buffer setvar is_color_enabled ${is_color_enabled};/item refresh warning_color"


pascalpoitras /
Last active April 30, 2023 03:48
different version of newsmon made for someone on IRC
/trigger addreplace news_transform line "*;irc.libera.#*;nick_newsly+irc_privmsg,nick_CarlSagan+irc_privmsg,nick_Chunt+irc_privmsg,nick_Brainstorm+irc_privmsg,nick_Bridgestorm+irc_notice"
/trigger set news_transform conditions "${channel} =~ ^(##alerts|##news|##science|#securitynews)$"
/trigger set news_transform regex "/.*/${info:news_parse,site_and_sections,${tg_message_nocolor}}/my_site_and_sections /\|/ - /my_site_and_sections /.*/${if:${channel}==##alerts?${if:,${tags},=-,irc_notice,?[${color:red}NOTICE${color:reset}] ${split:2, ,keep_eol,${tg_message_nocolor}}:[${define:my_site,${info:alert_parse,site,${tg_message_nocolor}}}${color:${info:nick_color_name,${my_site}}}${my_site}${color:reset}] ${info:alert_parse,title,${tg_message_nocolor}} ${info:alert_parse,url,${tg_message_nocolor}}}:[${color:${info:nick_color_name,${my_site_and_sections}}}${my_site_and_sections}${color:reset}] ${info:news_parse,title,${tg_message_nocolor}} ${info:news_parse,url,${tg_message_nocolor}}}/message /.*//prefix"

WeeChat Screenshot

/bar set status name statusbak
/bar default status
/bar set status name spell
/bar set spell items spell_suggest

/bar set statusbak name status

pascalpoitras / gist:d40f3c453912d592b34db0719fe2d646
Last active December 20, 2022 16:30
centered buflist at the bottom

WeeChat Screenshot

need version 3.6 for spacer item

/bar set buflist position bottom
/bar set buflist size 1
/bar set buflist filling_top_bottom horizontal
/bar set buflist items spacer,buflist,spacer

I created this after the user ikwyl6 wanted a quick way to filter the buflist

/set buflist.look.display_conditions "${eval_cond:${plugins.var.buflist_conditions}} && ${buffer.hidden}==0"

/alias add search_buflist /set plugins.var.buflist_conditions $1-;/buflist refresh

/alias add search_bufname /search_buflist ${channel}=~$1


WeeChat Screenshot

Here I will show you how to create a bar very similar to the nicklist bar, but instead of showing nickname, it will show znc commands, whenever you click on a command, weechat will send a "help the_command_you_just_clicked" and insert the name of the command in the input bar, then enter any arguments required to the command and press enter.

You will need the following script


Let's create the bar