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Pascal Poitras Dubois pascalpoitras

  • Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
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pascalpoitras /
Last active May 26, 2022
for users on 3.5 lacking ${lower:...} of 3.6
/trigger add lower info lower "" "/a/a/tg_arguments /b/b/tg_arguments /c/c/tg_arguments /d/d/tg_argument /e/e/tg_arguments /f/f/tg_arguments /g/g/tg_arguments /h/h/tg_arguments /i/i/tg_arguments /j/j/tg_arguments /k/k/tg_arguments /l/l/tg_arguments /m/m/tg_arguments /n/n/tg_arguments /o/o/tg_arguments /p/p/tg_arguments /q/q/tg_arguments /r/r/tg_arguments /s/s/tg_arguments /t/t/tg_arguments /u/u/tg_arguments /v/v/tg_arguments /w/w/tg_arguments /x/x/tg_arguments /y/y/tg_arguments /z/z/tg_arguments /.*/${tg_arguments}/tg_info"

/trigger set news_add_site_info_tags regex "/./${if:${buffer.local_variables.script_name}==matrix||${buffer.local_variables.plugin}==matrix?nick_${base_encode:16,${tg_tag_nick}},:${re:0}}/tags /./${info:lower,${info:news_parse_tools,site_and_sections,${tg_message_nocolor}}}/my_site_and_sections /.*/site_name,site_first_section,site_second_section/my_news_tags /[^,]+/${re:0}_${base_encode:16,${split:${re:repl_index},|,,${my_site_and_sections}}}/my_news_tags /$/${my_news_tags},/ta

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I created this after the user ikwyl6 wanted a quick way to filter the buflist

/set buflist.look.display_conditions "${eval_cond:${plugins.var.buflist_conditions}} && ${buffer.hidden}==0"

/alias add search_buflist /set plugins.var.buflist_conditions $1-;/buflist refresh

/alias add search_bufname /search_buflist ${channel}=~$1



WeeChat Screenshot

Here I will show you how to create a bar very similar to the nicklist bar, but instead of showing nickname, it will show znc commands, whenever you click on a command, weechat will send a "help the_command_you_just_clicked" and insert the name of the command in the input bar, then enter any arguments required to the command and press enter.

You will need the following script


Let's create the bar

pascalpoitras /
Last active Jul 13, 2022
My always up-to-date WeeChat configuration (weechat-dev)

WeeChat Screenshot

You need at least WeeChat 3.6-dev

Enable mouse

/mouse enable

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