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Last active July 29, 2023 08:40
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Script to scan a directory for HTML files, inlining stylesheets into <head>. Useful for Middleman sites.
require "pathname"
require "nokogiri"
def inline_css(html_file, root)
doc = { |f| Nokogiri::HTML(f) }
stylesheet_tags = doc.css("link[rel=stylesheet]")
puts "Inlining css in #{html_file}" if stylesheet_tags.any?
stylesheet_tags.each do |stylesheet_tag|
href = stylesheet_tag["href"]
href = href[1..-1] if
css_file_path = File.expand_path(href, root)
css =
style_tag = "style", doc
style_tag.content = css
stylesheet_tag.add_previous_sibling style_tag
File.write(html_file, doc.to_s)
root = "build/"
Dir.glob(File.join(root, "**", "*.html")).each do |html_file|
inline_css(html_file, root)
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Thanks for sharing... this worked great for me.

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pascalw commented Jul 29, 2023

@timothyf cool, great to hear!

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