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Created Mar 17, 2014
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[vim] Vim Color Scheme: pencil256.vim is a derived version of pencil.vim. pencil256 supports terminal-based Vim without pencil color scheme for the terminal. (Original pencil.vim requires it such as iterm-colors-pencil)
" Vim Color File
" pencil256.vim is a derived version of pencil.vim. pencil256 supports
" terminal-based Vim without pencil color scheme for the terminal.
" (Original pencil.vim requires it such as iterm-colors-pencil)
" In terminal-based Vim, pencil256 has a little difference of colors, because
" pencil256 uses the default palette of the terminal (such as xterm 256 color).
" Name: pencil256.vim
" Version: 0.6m1
" Maintainer:
" License: The MIT License (MIT)
" Changes from the original (v0.6):
" - Only cterm colors are modified from original pencil.vim.
" - GUI colors and configuration variables name are the same.
" Original pencil.vim
" Name: pencil.vim
" Version: 0.6
" Maintainer:
" License: The MIT License (MIT)
" Original iA Writer colors, to use as a guide
" White #F1F1F1
" OffWhiteIPad #F5F2EC
" OffWhiteDemo #F9F8F4
" Cursor #20BBFC
" Selection #B6D6FD
" SelectionNOS #D4D4D4
" StatusBar #EDEDED
" StatusBarBorder #D9D9D9 used for search too
" Text #424242
" Blue #B5D6FD
" Green #30C798
" Blue2 #1DAEE4
" gray #999999
" Red #E32791
" UnfocusedText #B8B8B8
" MenuSelected #2C81FB
" MenuUnSelected #545454
" MenuText #F1F1F1
" LightKeyBg #4B4B4B
" DarkKeyBg #262626
" NearBlack #181818
" SyntaxButton #363738
" SearchHighlight #F3E430 yellow
hi clear
if exists('syntax on')
syntax reset
let g:colors_name='pencil256'
if ! exists("g:pencil_higher_contrast_ui")
let g:pencil_higher_contrast_ui = 0
if ! exists("g:pencil_neutral_headings")
let g:pencil_neutral_headings = 0
" Colors
let s:black = { "gui": "#212121", "cterm": "234" }
let s:medium_gray = { "gui": "#767676", "cterm": "243" }
let s:white = { "gui": "#F1F1F1", "cterm": "255" }
let s:actual_white = { "gui": "#FFFFFF", "cterm": "231" }
let s:light_black = { "gui": "#424242", "cterm": "238" }
let s:lighter_black = { "gui": "#545454", "cterm": "240" }
if g:pencil_higher_contrast_ui == 1
" darker shadow and whiter grays
let s:subtle_black = { "gui": "#262626", "cterm": "235" }
let s:light_gray = { "gui": "#D9D9D9", "cterm": "253" }
let s:lighter_gray = { "gui": "#E5E6E6", "cterm": "254" }
let s:subtle_black = { "gui": "#303030", "cterm": "236" }
let s:light_gray = { "gui": "#B2B2B2", "cterm": "249" }
let s:lighter_gray = { "gui": "#C6C6C6", "cterm": "251" }
let s:pink = { "gui": "#fb007a", "cterm": "198" }
let s:dark_red = { "gui": "#C30771", "cterm": "126" }
let s:light_red = { "gui": "#E32791", "cterm": "162" }
let s:orange = { "gui": "#D75F5F", "cterm": "167" }
let s:darker_blue = { "gui": "#005F87", "cterm": "24" }
let s:dark_blue = { "gui": "#008EC4", "cterm": "31" }
let s:blue = { "gui": "#20BBFC", "cterm": "39" }
let s:light_blue = { "gui": "#b6d6fd", "cterm": "153" }
let s:dark_cyan = { "gui": "#20A5BA", "cterm": "37" }
let s:light_cyan = { "gui": "#4FB8CC", "cterm": "73" }
let s:dark_green = { "gui": "#10A778", "cterm": "35" }
let s:light_green = { "gui": "#5FD7A7", "cterm": "79" }
let s:dark_purple = { "gui": "#523C79", "cterm": "17" }
let s:light_purple = { "gui": "#6855DE", "cterm": "62" }
let s:yellow = { "gui": "#F3E430", "cterm": "220" }
let s:dark_yellow = { "gui": "#A89C14", "cterm": "142" }
if &background == "dark"
let s:bg = s:black
let s:bg_subtle = s:light_black
let s:bg_very_subtle = s:subtle_black
let s:norm = s:lighter_gray
let s:norm_subtle = s:light_gray
let s:purple = s:light_purple
let s:cyan = s:light_cyan
let s:green = s:light_green
let s:red = s:light_red
let s:visual = s:lighter_black
let s:bg = s:white
let s:bg_subtle = s:light_gray
let s:bg_very_subtle = s:lighter_gray
let s:norm = s:light_black
let s:norm_subtle = s:lighter_black
let s:purple = s:dark_purple
let s:cyan = s:dark_cyan
let s:green = s:dark_green
let s:red = s:dark_red
let s:visual = s:light_blue
if g:pencil_neutral_headings == 1
let s:head_a = s:norm
let s:head_b = s:norm
let s:head_c = s:norm
let s:head_a = s:dark_blue
let s:head_b = s:blue
let s:head_c = s:dark_cyan
" shamelessly stolen from hemisu:
function! s:h(group, style)
execute "highlight" a:group
\ "guifg=" (has_key(a:style, "fg") ? a:style.fg.gui : "NONE")
\ "guibg=" (has_key(a:style, "bg") ? : "NONE")
\ "guisp=" (has_key(a:style, "sp") ? a:style.sp.gui : "NONE")
\ "gui=" (has_key(a:style, "gui") ? a:style.gui : "NONE")
\ "ctermfg=" (has_key(a:style, "fg") ? a:style.fg.cterm : "NONE")
\ "ctermbg=" (has_key(a:style, "bg") ? : "NONE")
\ "cterm=" (has_key(a:style, "cterm") ? a:style.cterm : "NONE")
" common groups ================================================================
" (see `:h w18`)
call s:h("Normal", {"bg": s:bg, "fg": s:norm})
call s:h("Cursor", {"bg": s:blue, "fg": s:norm })
call s:h("Comment", {"fg": s:medium_gray, "gui": "italic"})
call s:h("Constant", {"fg": s:cyan})
hi! link String Constant
hi! link Character Constant
hi! link Number Constant
hi! link Boolean Constant
hi! link Float Constant
call s:h("Identifier", {"fg": s:dark_blue})
hi! link Function Identifier
call s:h("Statement", {"fg": s:green})
hi! link Conditonal Statement
hi! link Repeat Statement
hi! link Label Statement
hi! link Operator Statement
hi! link Keyword Statement
hi! link Exception Statement
call s:h("PreProc", {"fg": s:red})
hi! link Include PreProc
hi! link Define PreProc
hi! link Macro PreProc
hi! link PreCondit PreProc
call s:h("Type", {"fg": s:purple})
hi! link StorageClass Type
hi! link Structure Type
hi! link Typedef Type
call s:h("Special", {"fg": s:pink})
hi! link SpecialChar Special
hi! link Tag Special
hi! link Delimiter Special
hi! link SpecialComment Special
hi! link Debug Special
call s:h("Underlined", {"fg": s:norm, "gui": "underline", "cterm": "underline"})
call s:h("Ignore", {"fg": s:bg})
call s:h("Error", {"fg": s:actual_white, "bg": s:red, "cterm": "bold"})
call s:h("Todo", {"fg": s:actual_white, "bg": s:pink, "gui": "bold", "cterm": "bold"})
" ui chrome ====================================================================
" ordered according to `:help hitest.vim`
call s:h("SpecialKey", {"fg": s:light_green})
call s:h("NonText", {"fg": s:medium_gray})
call s:h("Directory", {"fg": s:dark_blue})
call s:h("ErrorMsg", {"fg": s:pink})
call s:h("IncSearch", {"bg": s:yellow, "fg": s:light_black})
call s:h("Search", {"bg": s:bg_subtle})
call s:h("MoreMsg", {"fg": s:medium_gray, "cterm": "bold", "gui": "bold"})
hi! link ModeMsg MoreMsg
call s:h("LineNr", {"fg": s:bg_subtle})
call s:h("CursorLineNr", {"fg": s:blue, "bg": s:bg_very_subtle})
call s:h("Question", {"fg": s:red})
call s:h("StatusLine", {"bg": s:bg_very_subtle})
call s:h("StatusLineNC", {"bg": s:bg_very_subtle, "fg": s:medium_gray})
call s:h("VertSplit", {"bg": s:bg_very_subtle, "fg": s:bg_very_subtle})
call s:h("Title", {"fg": s:dark_blue})
call s:h("Visual", {"bg": s:visual})
call s:h("VisualNOS", {"bg": s:bg_subtle})
call s:h("WarningMsg", {"fg": s:red})
call s:h("WildMenu", {"fg": s:bg, "bg": s:norm})
call s:h("Folded", {"fg": s:medium_gray})
call s:h("FoldColumn", {"fg": s:bg_subtle})
call s:h("DiffAdd", {"fg": s:green})
call s:h("DiffDelete", {"fg": s:red})
call s:h("DiffChange", {"fg": s:dark_yellow})
call s:h("DiffText", {"fg": s:dark_blue})
call s:h("SignColumn", {"fg": s:light_green})
" hi Conceal
if has("gui_running")
call s:h("SpellBad", {"gui": "underline", "sp": s:red})
call s:h("SpellCap", {"gui": "underline", "sp": s:light_green})
call s:h("SpellRare", {"gui": "underline", "sp": s:pink})
call s:h("SpellLocal", {"gui": "underline", "sp": s:dark_green})
call s:h("SpellBad", {"cterm": "underline", "fg": s:red})
call s:h("SpellCap", {"cterm": "underline", "fg": s:light_green})
call s:h("SpellRare", {"cterm": "underline", "fg": s:pink})
call s:h("SpellLocal", {"cterm": "underline", "fg": s:dark_green})
call s:h("Pmenu", {"fg": s:norm, "bg": s:bg_subtle})
call s:h("PmenuSel", {"fg": s:norm, "bg": s:blue})
call s:h("PmenuSbar", {"fg": s:norm, "bg": s:bg_subtle})
call s:h("PmenuThumb", {"fg": s:norm, "bg": s:bg_subtle})
call s:h("TabLine", {"fg": s:norm, "bg": s:bg_very_subtle})
call s:h("TabLineSel", {"fg": s:blue, "bg": s:bg_subtle, "gui": "bold", "cterm": "bold"})
call s:h("TabLineFill", {"fg": s:norm, "bg": s:bg_very_subtle})
call s:h("CursorColumn", {"bg": s:bg_very_subtle})
call s:h("CursorLine", {"bg": s:bg_very_subtle})
call s:h("ColorColumn", {"bg": s:bg_subtle})
" remainder of syntax highlighting
call s:h("MatchParen", {"bg": s:bg_subtle, "fg": s:norm})
call s:h("qfLineNr", {"fg": s:medium_gray})
" hi helpHyperTextJump guifg=#5FAFD7 ctermfg=74
" HTML syntax
hi! link htmlTag Special
hi! link htmlEndTag htmlTag
hi! link htmlTagName KeyWord
" html5 tags show up as htmlTagN
hi! link htmlTagN Keyword
" HTML content
call s:h("htmlItalic", {"gui": "italic", "cterm": "bold"})
call s:h("htmlBold", {"gui": "bold", "cterm": "bold"})
call s:h("htmlBoldItalic",{"gui": "bold,italic", "cterm": "bold"})
call s:h("htmlH1", {"fg": s:head_a, "gui": "bold,italic"})
call s:h("htmlH2", {"fg": s:head_a, "gui": "bold"})
call s:h("htmlH3", {"fg": s:head_b, "gui": "italic"})
call s:h("htmlH4", {"fg": s:head_b, "gui": "italic"})
call s:h("htmlH5", {"fg": s:head_c})
call s:h("htmlH6", {"fg": s:head_c})
call s:h("htmlLink", {"fg": s:blue, "gui": "underline", "cterm": "underline"})
" hi htmlString guifg=#87875f guibg=NONE gui=NONE ctermfg=101 ctermbg=NONE cterm=NONE
" tpope/vim-markdown
call s:h("markdownBlockquote", {"fg": s:medium_gray})
call s:h("markdownCodeDelimiter", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("markdownH1", {"fg": s:head_a, "gui": "bold,italic"})
call s:h("markdownH2", {"fg": s:head_a, "gui": "bold"})
call s:h("markdownH3", {"fg": s:head_a, "gui": "italic"})
call s:h("markdownH4", {"fg": s:head_a, "gui": "italic"})
call s:h("markdownH5", {"fg": s:head_a})
call s:h("markdownH6", {"fg": s:head_a})
call s:h("markdownHeadingDelimiter", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("markdownHeadingRule", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("markdownId", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("markdownIdDeclaration", {"fg": s:norm_subtle})
call s:h("markdownLinkDelimiter", {"fg": s:medium_gray})
call s:h("markdownLinkText", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("markdownLinkTextDelimiter", {"fg": s:medium_gray})
call s:h("markdownListMarker", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("markdownOrderedListMarker", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("markdownRule", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("markdownUrl", {"fg": s:medium_gray, "gui": "underline", "cterm": "underline"})
call s:h("markdownUrlDelimiter", {"fg": s:medium_gray})
call s:h("markdownUrlTitle", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("markdownUrlTitleDelimiter", {"fg": s:medium_gray})
" plasticboy/vim-markdown
call s:h("mkdBlockQuote", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("mkdCode", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("mkdDelimiter", {"fg": s:medium_gray})
call s:h("mkdID", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("mkdIndentCode", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("mkdLineContinue", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("mkdLink", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("mkdLinkDef", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("mkdListItem", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("mkdNonListItemBlock", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("mkdRule", {"fg": s:norm})
call s:h("mkdUrl", {"fg": s:medium_gray, "gui": "underline", "cterm": "underline"})
" XML content
hi! link xmlTag htmlTag
hi! link xmlEndTag xmlTag
hi! link xmlTagName htmlTagName
" Signify, git-gutter
hi link SignifySignAdd LineNr
hi link SignifySignDelete LineNr
hi link SignifySignChange LineNr
hi link GitGutterAdd LineNr
hi link GitGutterDelete LineNr
hi link GitGutterChange LineNr
hi link GitGutterChangeDelete LineNr

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@pasela pasela commented Mar 17, 2014


オリジナルのpemcil.vim → reedes/vim-colors-pencil
iTerm用のカラーテーマ → mattly/iterm-colors-pencil

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