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Last active Sep 18, 2018
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Dirty fix for Model::isDirty() in Laravel to honor the $casts attribute
* Determine if the model or given attribute(s) have been modified.
* @param Model $m
* @param array|string|null $attributes
* @return bool
function _is_dirty(Model $m, $attributes = null){
$castAttribute = new ReflectionMethod(Model::class,"castAttribute");
$props = [
//cast every value in original and attributes
foreach($props as $prop){
$p = new ReflectionProperty(Model::class,$prop);
$o = $p->getValue($m);
foreach($o as $key => $value){
$o[$key] = $castAttribute->invoke($m,$key,$value);
$p->setValue($m, $o);
return $m->isDirty($attributes);
$m = new Model();
// $m->isDirty();
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