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Forked from planecore/Coronavirus.js
Created October 24, 2020 17:48
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Coronavirus Scriptable Widget
// Variables used by Scriptable.
// These must be at the very top of the file. Do not edit.
// icon-color: deep-green; icon-glyph: user-md;
// change "country" to a value from
const country = "Israel"
const url = `${country}`
const req = new Request(url)
const res = await req.loadJSON()
if (config.runsInWidget) {
// create and show widget
let widget = createWidget("Coronavirus", `${res.todayCases} Today`, `${res.cases} Total`, "#53d769")
} else {
// make table
let table = new UITable()
// add header
let row = new UITableRow()
row.isHeader = true
row.addText(`Coronavirus Stats in ${country}`)
// fill data
table.addRow(createRow("Cases", res.cases))
table.addRow(createRow("Today", res.todayCases))
table.addRow(createRow("Deaths", res.deaths))
table.addRow(createRow("Recovered", res.recovered))
table.addRow(createRow("Critical", res.critical))
if (config.runsWithSiri)
Speech.speak(`There are ${res.cases} cases in ${country}, and ${res.todayCases} cases today.`)
// present table
function createRow(title, number) {
let row = new UITableRow()
return row
function createWidget(pretitle, title, subtitle, color) {
let w = new ListWidget()
w.backgroundColor = new Color(color)
let preTxt = w.addText(pretitle)
preTxt.textColor = Color.white()
preTxt.textOpacity = 0.8
preTxt.font = Font.systemFont(16)
let titleTxt = w.addText(title)
titleTxt.textColor = Color.white()
titleTxt.font = Font.systemFont(22)
let subTxt = w.addText(subtitle)
subTxt.textColor = Color.white()
subTxt.textOpacity = 0.8
subTxt.font = Font.systemFont(18)
return w
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pasrom commented Nov 16, 2020

Hallo @hxperman,

ich habe an diesem Script nichts geändert, das kommt von
Bei deinem Darstellungsproblem kann ich dir helfen, verwende hierzu die Funktion toFixed() (siehe Z. B.:

table.addRow(createRow("Today", res.todayCases.toFixed(2)))

Beste Grüße

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hxperman commented Nov 17, 2020 via email

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