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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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List of repos deleted on 19 Feb 2014.

Names: source, empty, fork. Descriptions: what it was, reason for deletion, legacy.

  • xbotpp_contrib: fork of aki--aki/xbotpp_contrib; source is gone.
  • shared_state_inheritance: barebones example of a bug in a library; invalid.
  • soul: mockup for; end of purpose.
  • Armstrong: js framework; never completed.
  • zenpen: fork of tholman/zenpen; unused.
  • homebrew-cask: fork of phinze/homebrew-cask; left project.
  • lolcommits: fork of mroth/lolcommits; unused.
  • tumblr: fork of mwunsch/tumblr; old fork.
  • jeb: glorified reading list, web version; abandoned; replaced by a rss reader.
  • jeb-firefox: firefox addon for the above; abandoned.
  • khee: generic emotion engine; idea evolved; irmo (memory store), borgy (gAI).
  • hoiho: better irc client; abandoned.
  • effing-placeholder.js: just me showing off; useless.
  • serveropt-webrtc: fork of cjb/serverless-webrtc; unused.
  • gh-life: experiment to turn the github contribution matrix graph into a game of life; failed.
  • fount-definitions: nextgen webfont service; abandoned.
  • fount-central: file repo for the above; abandoned.
  • xbot: irc bot; fork abandoned; azbot, aki--aki's xbotpp, master5o1's jsBot.
  • yavanna: Alternate ui for firefox-os; never started; started trend of using Ainur's names for projects.
  • variance: irc to redis-pubsub library; unused.
  • brackets: fork of adobe/brackets; unused.
  • b2g-manifest: unused fork.
  • cdnjs: past PR.
  • libbrew: something to do with homebrew; forgotten.
  • imaku-latte: experimental desktop environment; abandoned.
  • licentious: past PR.
  • azbot: irc bot; unused.
  • p2p file exchange service; never completed.
  • go-irc: fork of a go irc library; unused.
  • js-beautify-python: dependency for xbot; obsolete.
  • Roccoliphic: rocco documentation service; long since offline.
  • xkcd1110: scripts to display the full world of XKCD#1110; old, done better by others.
  • unblogs: experiment in multi-facet blogging; failed; blograph.
  • jruby-sandbox: dependency for long-gone project; unused.
  • pippo: 3rd or 4th (I lose track) attempt at generic dbms; failed; pippo (try again?).
  • homebrew: past PR.
  • javascript-for-cats: unused fork.
  • witness: automated witness for contributor agreement signings and other documents; never started; .
  • rocco: modified dependency for Roccoliphic; unused.
  • sinatra-browserid: modified dependency for some forgotten project; obsolete.
  • wrangler: resource for a MOOC; unused fork.
  • gravatar-zoom: userscript adapted to my remoded platform; old.
  • mit-license: past PR.
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