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Created May 26, 2012
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deassemble code "B311 F6E3 B30A F6F3 8AC4"
13FB:0100 B100 MOV CL,00
13FB:0102 88C8 MOV AL,CL
13FB:0104 B311 MOV BL,11
13FB:0106 F6E3 MUL BL
13FB:0108 B30A MOV BL,0A
13FB:010A F6F3 DIV BL
13FB:010C 8AC4 MOV AL,AH
13FB:010E 88C2 MOV DL,AL
13FB:0110 FEC1 INC CL
13FB:0112 80F90A CMP CL,0A
13FB:0115 75EB JNZ 0102
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