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Last active November 9, 2023 07:35
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setup L2TP IPSEC VPN in archlinux using NetworkManager

setup L2TP IPsec VPN in archlinux using NetworkManager

install packages first:

yay -S xl2tpd strongswan networkmanager-l2tp

ref: yay:

then reboot or systemctl restart NetworkManager

using commandline only

nmcli c add con-name CON_NAME type vpn vpn-type l2tp 'gateway=GATEWAY_HOST, ipsec-enabled=yes, ipsec-psk=PRE_SHARED_KEY, password-flags=2, user=USERNAME'
nmcli c edit CON_NAME # interactive mode, type help for manual
nmcli c up CON_NAME
nmcli c down CON_NAME
nmcli c delete CON_NAME
  • password-flags=0 => Save password in plain text
  • password-flags=1 => Save encrypted password
  • password-flags=2 => Don't save password, ask when needed
    • when using this, nmcli c up CON_NAME --ask is needed

via GNOME/KDE Plasma GUI


add vpn in gnome

options of l2tp ipsec




  • Gateway is the ip of the vpn server
  • User name is the given user
  • Password can be left blank to enter when connecting
  • click IPsec Settings... button
    • Check Enable IPsec tunnel to L2TP host
    • paste PSK to Pre-shared key
    • IMPORTANT Uncheck Enable IPsec tunnel to L2TP host before click OK button, I think this is a bug
  • click Add button and enable
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I was looking for a way to add l2tp vpn client connection using only nmcli, because I did not install Gnome or any KDE.
Your document is the first one in the world that talks about this topic, so I appreciated it very much.
The issue is that after adding a config in /etc/NetworkManage/system-connections,
"systemctl restart NetworkManager" does not import the new config file automatically.
so nmcli c up and all the following steps are not working.

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0xJchen commented Mar 8, 2020

In the last step, if I choose to uncheck it(Enable IPsec tunnel to L2TP host), after I failed to connect this vpn, the next I click the setting section, the pre-shared key disappear.
Another thing I am confused is that when I type:systemctl --type=service,there is no such thing licke networkmanager-l2tp, Is that normal?

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I need some assistance with this, please. I am running Manjaro (please don't hurt me) and have followed this guide. I have the VPN configured in NetworkManager, but whenever I go to activate the VPN connection, I get an error "starting the service providing the vpn connection failed"

I've been googling and trying to come up with an appropriate answer to what i've done wrong, but all things I have tried seem to have no effect. Any ideas what I may be missing? Please let me know if you may need further information from me to be able to help.

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leperm commented May 11, 2020

Here are some other values you might want to add to the [vpn] part of the config if doing it via command line:


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daniel1n commented Sep 9, 2020

I'm trying to connect to a “L2PT/IPSEC with preshared key” type VPN. ... Protocol (L2TP) which is the one that gives me the missing plugin error.

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ale10257 commented Feb 11, 2021

nnetworkmanager-l2tp not in aur repositopy. It'is community repository
The command to install the plugin should be like thissudo pacman -S networkmanager-l2tp
It's work

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paklie commented Jan 27, 2022

in my kde plasma, ipsec settings button is disabled. what package do i miss?

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Sepero commented Dec 12, 2022

Most simple and concise instructions I've found anywhere. Finding info on headless Linux vpn connection l2tp ipsec is near impossible. But one question, If using nmcli, then do we need the xl2tpd package?

(The "x" seems to imply it's for x11 xorg)

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(The "x" seems to imply it's for x11 xorg)

There's no relation between Xorg and xl2tpd. It's also used in embedded devices like OpenWRT router which do not run X11 (and xl2tpd does not have a GUI)

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siuoly commented Nov 9, 2023

Thanks ! I search several tutorial ,even the arch wiki, and only here is the solution.

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