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Created September 20, 2019 13:21
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(ns clojure-play.core
(:use org.httpkit.server
[compojure.core :refer :all]
[compojure.route :as route]
[ :as json]
[ :only [info]]
[clojure-play.routes :as routes]
[ring.middleware.json :only [wrap-json-body]]
[ring.middleware.cors :refer [wrap-cors]])
(:require [monger.core :as mg]
[monger.collection :as mc]
[clojure.edn :as edn]
[ :as io]
[compojure.handler :as handler])
(:import [org.bson.types ObjectId]
[com.mongodb DB WriteConcern])
(println "in the beginning was the command line...")
(defonce channels (atom #{}))
(defn connect! [channel]
(info "channel open")
(swap! channels conj channel))
(defn notify-clients [msg]
(doseq [channel @channels]
(send! channel msg)))
(defn disconnect! [channel status]
(info "channel closed:" status)
(swap! channels #(remove #{channel} %)))
(defn ws-handler [request]
(with-channel request channel
(connect! channel)
(on-close channel (partial disconnect! channel))
(on-receive channel #(notify-clients %))))
(defn my-routes [db]
(GET "/foo" [] "Hello Foo")
(GET "/bar" [] "Hello Bar")
(GET "/json_example/:name" [] routes/json_example)
(GET "/json_example" [] routes/json_example)
(POST "/email" [] routes/post_email)
(POST "/write_comment" [] (fn [req] (routes/write_comment req db)))
(POST "/update_comment" [] (fn [req] (routes/update_comment req db)))
(GET "/read_comments/:path" [path] (fn [req] (routes/read_comments req db path)))
(GET "/read_comments/:path1/:path2" [path1 path2] (fn [req] (routes/read_comments req db (str path1 "/" path2))))
(GET "/ws" [] ws-handler)))
(defn connectDB []
(defonce connection
[uri "mongodb://"
{:keys [conn db]} (mg/connect-via-uri uri)]
{:conn conn
:db db}))
{:db (:db connection)
:conn (:conn connection)})
(def cors-headers
"Generic CORS headers"
{"Access-Control-Allow-Origin" "*"
"Access-Control-Allow-Headers" "*"
"Access-Control-Allow-Methods" "GET POST OPTIONS DELETE PUT"})
(defn preflight?
"Returns true if the request is a preflight request"
(= (request :request-method) :options))
(defn -main
"this is main"
[& args]
(println "hello there main")
(def db (get (connectDB) :db))
(println (read-string (slurp (io/resource "environment/config.edn"))))
(defn wrap-preflight [handler]
(fn [request]
(println "inside wrap-preflight")
(println "value of request")
(println request)
(println "value of handler")
(println handler)
(if (preflight? request)
({:status 200
:headers cors-headers
:body "preflight complete"})
(my-routes db)
{:keywords? true :bigdecimals? true})
:access-control-allow-origin [#""]
:access-control-allow-methods [:get :put :post :delete :options]
:access-control-allow-headers ["Origin" "X-Requested-With"
"Content-Type" "Accept"]))
{:port 4000}))
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