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// @name Redirect from WikiTravel to WikiVoyage
// @description Automatically switch from a article to the same article on
// @namespace
// @include*
// @version v20130218.1
// ==/UserScript==
(function _wikivoyage_redir (win) {
// Example
// Before:
// After:
var currUrl = win.location.href,
travRegex = /\/\/wikitravel\.org\/(\w+)\/(.+)/i,
// Make sure it's a valid, parse-able WikiTravel article URL
if (!travRegex.test(currUrl)) { return; }
// Split into [full url, language, article name]
pieces = travRegex.exec(currUrl);
// Redirect immediately
win.location.href = 'http://' + pieces[1] + '' + pieces[2];

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@gotson gotson commented Sep 8, 2015

Thanks !

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