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@patio11 patio11/slurper.rb
Last active Nov 15, 2015

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require 'rubygems'
require 'httparty'
require 'fileutils'
require 'json'
USERNAME = ARGV[0] || "patio11"
puts "Username: #{USERNAME} max to fetch: #{MAX_TO_FETCH || "all"}"
user_url = "{USERNAME}.json"
comment_url = "$ID.json"
user_results = HTTParty.get(user_url).parsed_response
comment_ids = user_results["submitted"]
puts comment_ids.inspect
FileUtils::mkdir_p "comments/#{USERNAME}"
to_fetch = MAX_TO_FETCH ? MAX_TO_FETCH.to_i : comment_ids.size
to_fetch = [to_fetch, comment_ids.size].min
sample_ids = comment_ids[0..(to_fetch - 1)]
count = 0
cached = 0
increment = (sample_ids.size / 1000.0 + 0.5).to_i
increment = 1 if increment < 1 do |id|
unless File.exist?("comments/#{USERNAME}/#{id}")
comment_url_to_get = comment_url.sub("$ID", id.to_s)
response = HTTParty.get(comment_url_to_get).parsed_response #rescue nil
sleep 0.2
if response
count += 1
f ="comments/#{USERNAME}/#{id}", "w")
f.write response.to_json
puts "Downloaded #{count} comments of #{comment_ids.size}. Cached: #{cached}" if count % increment == 0
cached += 1

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groovemonkey commented Oct 20, 2014

Thanks for this -- I adapted this script to make PDFs from peoples comments, because I wanted to read them like a book. -- also released into the public domain.

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