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Created July 9, 2015 02:44
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Save patio11/24a3a68fd26f65e484e1 to your computer and use it in GitHub Desktop.
Create an account on every box using the list of employees; initialize with their Github SSH keys
- username: patrick
github: patio11
name: "Patrick McKenzie"
- username: thomas
github: tqbf
name: "Thomas Ptacek"
- username: erin
github: boboTjones
name: "Erin Ptacek"
- shell: rm -rf /tmp/*.authorized_keys #Cleans up temporary authorized keys on your local machine
- name: Create group for the starfighters
group: name=fighters
- name: Create founder accounts and grant us sudo privileges
user: name={{item.username}} comment="{{}}" groups=fighters,admin shell=/bin/bash
with_items: starfighters
- name: Copy founders' public keys from Github
sudo: no
get_url: url={{item.github}}.keys dest=/tmp/{{item.github}}.authorized_keys
with_items: "{{ starfighters }}"
- name: Install those public keys
authorized_key: user={{item.username}} key="{{ lookup('file', '/tmp/' + item.github + '.authorized_keys') }}"
with_items: "{{ starfighters }}"
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