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Quick install Git for Windows with batch script. Include the git*.exe install executable in the same directory as this script.
:: Copyright (C): 2017 Pat Migliaccio
:: File: install-git.bat
:: Batch file for a quick install of Git for Windows
:: Include the git*.exe install executable
:: in the same directory as this script.
:: Usage:
:: .\install-git [path]
:: Arguments:
:: path : Directory to install to (defaults to "C:\Program Files\Git")
:: Repository:
:: License: MIT
@echo off
set installDir=%1
if [%1]==[] set installDir="C:\Program Files\Git"
set installDir=%installDir:"=%
echo [Setup]
echo Lang=default
echo Dir=%installDir%
echo Group=Git
echo NoIcons=0
echo SetupType=default
echo Components=icons,ext\reg\shellhere,assoc,assoc_sh
echo Tasks=
echo PathOption=Cmd
echo SSHOption=OpenSSH
echo CRLFOption=CRLFAlways
echo BashTerminalOption=ConHost
echo PerformanceTweaksFSCache=Enabled
echo UseCredentialManager=Enabled
echo EnableSymlinks=Disabled
echo EnableBuiltinDifftool=Disabled
) > config.inf
for /r %%f in (git*.exe) do (
call set file="%%f"
@echo on
@echo %%f
@echo off
if [%file%]==[] (
@echo on
@echo Error finding "git*.exe" install executable. File may not exist or is not named with the "git" prefix.
exit /b 2
@echo on
@echo Installing..
@echo off
%file% /VERYSILENT /LOADINF="config.inf"
if errorlevel 1 (
@echo on
if %errorLevel% == 1 ( echo Error opening %file%. File may be corrupt. )
if %errorLevel% == 2 ( echo Error reading %file%. May require elevated privileges. Run as administrator. )
exit /b %errorlevel%
del config.inf
net session >nul 2>&1
if %errorLevel% == 0 (
pathman /as "%PATH%;%installDir%/cmd"
exit 0
) else (
@echo on
echo SYSTEM PATH Environment Variable may not be set, may require elevated privileges. Run as administrator if it doesn't already exist.
exit /b 0
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