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Last active May 6, 2023 14:51
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Resolve includes for GLSL, HLSL and metal on Python
import re
from os.path import join, abspath, dirname, basename
def load_source( folder: str, filename: str, dependencies = []):
path = abspath( join(folder, filename) )
if path in dependencies:
return ""
dependencies.append( path )
source = ""
lines = open( path ).readlines()
for line in lines:
if match :='#include\s*["|<](.*.[glsl|hlsl|metal])["|>]' ,line, re.IGNORECASE):
new_folder = join(folder, dirname( ))
new_dep = basename( )
source += load_source(new_folder, new_dep, dependencies)
source += line
return source
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