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javascript asset helper
App.assets = {
// Returns an object containing all of asset pipeline's image paths.
// Sample:
// {
// avatars/missing_avatar.png: "/assets/avatars/missing_avatar.png"
// chosen-sprite.png: "/assets/chosen-sprite.png"
// circle_green.png: "/assets/circle_green.png"
// circle_orange.png: "/assets/circle_orange.png"
// circle_red.png: "/assets/circle_red.png"
// circle_yellow.png: "/assets/circle_yellow.png"
// document.png: "/assets/document.png"
// }
images: {
<% AssetsUtil.images.each do |img| %>
"<%= img %>" : "<%= asset_path(img) %>",
<% end %>
// Return a formatted URL for an asset.
// Sample:
// "/assets/document/png."
path: function(name) {
// If the file is in our images object, pull the path from there.
if (this.images && this.images[name]) {
return this.images[name];
// Otherwise, create a generic asset path.
return '/assets/' + name;
module AssetsUtil
def self.images
Dir.glob(Rails.root.join("app/assets/images/**/*.*")).map do |path|
path.gsub(Rails.root.join("app/assets/images/").to_s, "")
<div class="example">
<img src="<%= App.assets.path('bookmarklet/add.png') %>">

I put the assets_util.rb in my helpers directory.


Any way to refresh the App.assets if the the Rails caching is not updating.....?

I am having to stop the server, clear the cache, and start the server after every creation, because it only loads at the start. Any way to call /serve this up again?

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