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Created Apr 18, 2017
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JSON provincias República Dominicana
var provinces = [
{id:1, name: 'Azua'},
{id:2, name: 'Bahoruco'},
{id:3, name: 'Barahona'},
{id:4, name: 'Dajabón'},
{id:5, name: 'Distrito Nacional'},
{id:6, name: 'Duarte'},
{id:7, name: 'Elías Piña'},
{id:8, name: 'El Seibo'},
{id:9, name: 'Espallat'},
{id:10, name: 'Hato Mayor'},
{id:11, name: 'Hermanas Mirabal'},
{id:12, name: 'Independencia'},
{id:13, name: 'La Altagracia'},
{id:14, name: 'La Romana'},
{id:15, name: 'La Vega'},
{id:16, name: 'María Trinidad Sánchez'},
{id:17, name: 'Monseñor Nouel'},
{id:18, name: 'Monte Cristi'},
{id:19, name: 'Monte Plata'},
{id:20, name: 'Pedernales'},
{id:21, name: 'Peravia'},
{id:22, name: 'Puerto Plata'},
{id:23, name: 'Samaná'},
{id:24, name: 'San Cristóbal'},
{id:25, name: 'San José de Ocoa'},
{id:26, name: 'San Juan'},
{id:27, name: 'San Pedro de Macorís'},
{id:28, name: 'Sánchez Ramírez'},
{id:29, name: 'Santiago'},
{id:30, name: 'Santiago Rodrigues'},
{id:31, name: 'Santo Domingo'},
{id:32, name: 'Valverde'},
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