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Created November 17, 2018 14:24
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Encrypt .ppm file with AES-ECB to show ECB will reveal patterns
# This is part of my blog about AES:
# Inspired by
# Convert your image to .ppm with Gimp or Photoshop
# Usage: ./ecb_img <image file as ppm> <password>
# extract header and body
head -n 4 $1 > $1.header.txt
tail -n +5 $1 > $1.body.bin
# encrypt with ecb and given password
openssl enc -aes-128-ecb -nosalt -pass pass:"$2" -in $1.body.bin -out $1.body.ecb.bin
# reassemble image
cat $1.header.txt $1.body.ecb.bin > $1.ecb.ppm
# Clean up temp files
rm $1.header.txt
rm $1.body.bin
rm $1.body.ecb.bin
echo "encrypted image to $1.ecb.ppm"
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q000325 commented Jan 12, 2019

head -n 4 $1 > $1.header.txt
tail -n +5 $1 > $1.body.bin

Maybe it should be something like this:

head -n 3 $1 > $1.header.txt
tail -n +4 $1 > $1.body.bin

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The number of header lines depends on the whitespaces used:

If spaces are used, then there is only one header line. If next line characters are used, then you would need four. Anything in between is fair game.

A more robust implementation would account for different whitespaces.

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