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Patrick S. Kelso patrickkelso

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patrickkelso / wordlist.txt
Last active May 4, 2022 — forked from stevepaulo/wordlist.txt
Mnemonic word list for server names, release names, etc... solve the "hard problem" of naming things
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# Forked from
# Which sourced from
# Converted to 1 word per line for use in a script.

Things I wish I'd known.

Learn time management & delayed gratification. This is the number one predictor of success in my experience. Yes going out with your friends is more interesting than working on your assignment; but finishing your assignments in a timely fashion so they aren't all due at once, and then going out with your friends is better. I recommend using Google Calendar or similar alternatives to keep track of your timetable both classes and other activities.

Read Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. Your network is important to your success. If you're technically minded try setting up Monica to track everyone. When you're struggling with an assignment on Binary Decision Trees wouldn't it be awesome if you knew someone who had done it already to ask for advice? If you can't run Monica or afford to pay for it use Excel. Just don't rely on your brain, it's full of other things. If your uni offers a mentoring program join it. (I have several


Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am patrickkelso on github.
  • I am psk ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 945E 882E A82A 9756 AB7C 142D F14C 6ACD 77B7 6224

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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class profile::arista::vlan1 {
eos_vlan { '301':
ensure => present,
eos_portchannel { "Port-Channel1":
lacp_mode => 'active',
members => ["Ethernet1","Ethernet2"],
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! Startup-config last modified at Wed Aug 19 01:35:39 2015 by puppet
! device: veos-1 (vEOS, EOS-4.15.0F)
! boot system flash:/vEOS-lab.swi
transceiver qsfp default-mode 4x10G
hostname veos-1
ip domain-name inf.puppetlabs.demo
ip host master.inf.puppetlabs.demo
patrickkelso / crontab.pp
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Puppet profile
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class profile::crontab {
$cronfiles = ['/etc/at.allow', '/etc/crontab']
$crondirs = ['/etc/cron.hourly']
$remove = ['/etc/cron.deny']
file { $cronfiles:
ensure => file,
owner => 'root',
group => 'root',
patrickkelso / gist:915079248012c6749c79
Created Jun 9, 2015
Puppet profile to create a DB and replica set
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class profile::mongomaster {
mongodb_replset { DPP:
ensure => present,
members => ['', '', ''],
mongodb_database { 'InsightDBQA':
ensure => present,
tries => 10,
patrickkelso / gist:fc533605c8780b754024
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Puppet Mongoserver profile
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class profile::mongoserver {
user { 'mongodb':
ensure => present,
shell => "/bin/false",
gid => "mongodb",
group { 'mongodb':
ensure => present,
View gist:30563c20ac0b00824fec
root@ubuntu1404b:~# puppet agent -t
Info: Retrieving pluginfacts
Info: Retrieving plugin
Info: Loading facts
Info: Caching catalog for ubuntu1404b.syd.puppetlabs.demo
Info: Applying configuration version '1432979194'
Notice: /Stage[main]/Mongodb::Server::Service/Service[mongodb]/ensure: ensure changed 'stopped' to 'running'
Info: /Stage[main]/Mongodb::Server::Service/Service[mongodb]: Unscheduling refresh on Service[mongodb]
Notice: /Stage[main]/Profile::Mongoserver/Mongodb_replset[DPP]/members: members changed ['ubuntu1404b:27017'] to ''
Notice: Finished catalog run in 0.99 seconds
# OSX defaults, based on
# Ask for the administrator password upfront
sudo -v
# Set computer name (as done via System Preferences → Sharing)
sudo scutil --set ComputerName "featherstonehaugh"
sudo scutil --set HostName "featherstonehaugh"