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release modernizr in 10 easy steps

  1. compare HEAD with most recent release to determine new semver level (fundemental/breaking changes = bump major, new feature-detects/publically-exposed-util = bump minor, update to existing code (in non behavior changing way) = bump patch). Github compare view is handy here (e.g.
  2. update package.json version to new semver version
  3. run git tag ${semver} (e.g. git tag v3.4.0), then push the tags (git push --tags)
  4. npm publish
  5. log into the server
  6. cd ~/modernizr-neue
  7. npm update && bower update
  8. npm run deploy
  9. pm2 restart 0
  10. write blog post explaining what has changed between versions

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@ryanseddon ryanseddon commented Mar 15, 2017

nice I like to use npm version [major/minor/patch] -m "what changed" could work in this flow too.

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