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Last active November 13, 2021 22:22
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Applescript to automatically export .docx documents to PDF using Pages
set _document to theFile
-- Open a docx document in pages and auto export to PDF
tell application "Finder"
set _directory to get container of file _document
set _documentName to name of _document
-- Figure out document name without extension
if _documentName ends with ".docx" then ¬
set _documentName to text 1 thru -6 of _documentName
set _PDFName to _documentName & ".pdf"
set _location to (_directory as string) & _PDFName
end tell
tell application "Pages"
open _document
with timeout of 1200 seconds
-- Export as PDF with _PDFName
export front document to file _location as PDF
end timeout
close front document
end tell
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