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Summarize IAM policy with policy_sentry
import json
from policy_sentry.analysis.analyze import analyze_by_access_level, determine_actions_to_expand
from policy_sentry.shared.database import connect_db
DB_SESSION = connect_db('bundled') # Use the bundled data that comes with Policy Sentry
sample_policy = json.loads("""
def get_access_levels(policy):
"""Check a policy to see which access levels are allowed."""
allowed_access_level = []
for access_level in ['read', 'list', 'write', 'tagging', 'permissions-management']:
if analyze_by_access_level(DB_SESSION, policy, access_level):
return allowed_access_level
def get_resources(policy):
"""Naively return resources from the first statement in a policy."""
return policy["Statement"][0]["Resource"]
def summarize(policy):
"""Generate a human-readable summary of a policy."""
access = ', '.join(get_access_levels(policy))
resources = ', '.join(get_resources(policy))
print(f"This policy allows {access} actions on {resources}")
if __name__ == '__main__':
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