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Created Oct 30, 2019
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{-# LANGUAGE GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving, MultiParamTypeClasses, ScopedTypeVariables, FlexibleInstances, UndecidableInstances, ExistentialQuantification, TypeApplications, StandaloneDeriving, DeriveFunctor, TypeOperators #-}
module Control.Effect.Random.MWC
( Random (..)
, Control.Effect.Random.MWC.uniform
, Control.Effect.Random.MWC.uniformR
, RandomC (..)
, runRandom
, Variate
, Has
) where
import Control.Carrier.Reader
import System.Random.MWC (Variate (..))
import qualified System.Random.MWC as MWC
import Control.Algebra
import Control.Monad.IO.Class
data Random m k
= forall a . Variate a => Uniform (a -> m k)
| forall a . Variate a => UniformR (a, a) (a -> m k)
deriving instance Functor m => Functor (Random m)
instance Effect Random where
thread ctx handler (Uniform k) = Uniform (handler . (<$ ctx) . k)
thread ctx handler (UniformR r k) = UniformR r (handler . (<$ ctx) . k)
uniform :: forall a sig m . (MWC.Variate a, Has Random sig m) => m a
uniform = send (Uniform pure)
uniformR :: forall a sig m . (MWC.Variate a, Has Random sig m) => (a, a) -> m a
uniformR r = send (UniformR r pure)
newtype RandomC m a = RandomC (ReaderC MWC.GenIO m a)
deriving (Applicative, Functor, Monad, MonadIO)
instance (Algebra sig m, MonadIO m) => Algebra (Random :+: sig) (RandomC m) where
alg (L act) = do
gen <- RandomC ask
case act of
Uniform k -> liftIO (MWC.uniform gen) >>= k
UniformR r k -> liftIO (MWC.uniformR r gen) >>= k
alg (R other) = RandomC (handleCoercible other)
runRandom :: MonadIO m => RandomC m a -> m a
runRandom (RandomC r) = do
gen <- liftIO MWC.createSystemRandom
runReader gen r
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