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application.css.less example overriding Twitter Bootstrap variable (using less-rails-bootstrap)
* application.css.less
*= require_self
@import "twitter/bootstrap/reset.less";
@import "twitter/bootstrap/variables.less";
// Override link color for my app:
@linkColor: #F00;
@import "twitter/bootstrap/mixins.less";
// Grid system and page structure
@import "twitter/bootstrap/scaffolding.less";
// Styled patterns and elements
@import "twitter/bootstrap/type.less";
@import "twitter/bootstrap/forms.less";
@import "twitter/bootstrap/tables.less";
@import "twitter/bootstrap/patterns.less";

Hi, when I place something below the import statement of variables.less like you did, it's not working. The only way I got it working is to change the variables.less itself. Do you what I do wrong?

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