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Use this to work out that your subversion install is going to under perform (unknown combinations of OS/deps/CPU/RAM/drive)
if [ "$typ" == "" ]; then
if [ "$typ" != "fsfs" ] && [ "$typ" != "fsx" ]; then
echo "Usage: fsx|fsfs"
exit 10
svnadmin create --fs-type "$typ" svnSpeedTestLocalServer
svn checkout file://$(pwd)/svnSpeedTestLocalServer svnSpeedTestLocalCheckout
cd svnSpeedTestLocalCheckout
openssl rand 10000000 | base64 > banana
svn add banana
echo "testing commit of large file to a local $typ repository, should take no more than a few seconds"
time svn ci -m "test banana"
cd ..
rm -rf svnSpeedTestLocalServer svnSpeedTestLocalCheckout
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