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Created May 27, 2011 02:49
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This is just one reason why we need interface inheritance
IList<string> list = new [] { "I", "declare", "you", "are", "mistaken", "sir" };
IEnumerable<string> youProposeIShouldNotBeAbleToDoThis = list;
// For the above code to work, IList<T> must inherit from IEnumerable<T>, i.e. interface inheritance must exist.
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so what caused the issue today was something like this... granted it might consider "bad code".

public interface IThingRepository : IRepository
Thing GetSomeSpecialThing(IQueryObject);

implementation : (BaseRepository implements IRepository)

public class ThingRepository: BaseRepository, IThingRepository
so some code that uses IThingRepository needs to have the save method from IRepository mocked ... so yeah we have a problem...

@skoon that's what we ran into right?? I think I remember it correctly....

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So really you're for Interface segregation. I agree. In this case it seems like Command/Query separation. Happens a lot.

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I think I would understand better if you present A) this is how it was B) this is how it should be

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skoon commented May 27, 2011

Yeah that's pretty much it.

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