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Created April 2, 2013 09:20
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Ship It! Monday

Ship It! Monday is a celebration of making things. Bring something you made and tell the world about it.

Why you’d want to come:

  • to learn about new things and how they were made
  • to hang out with other people who are making things
  • Because, shipping!


Brio is a conference about the future of being entrepreneurial.

Why you’d want to come:

  • because the status quo won't change itself
  • learn from people who are changing the future and not asking permission
  • No sponsors: no corporate interest here

“This is the conference I'm most excited about this year.” —Mikeal Rogers “I feel like Paul and Adam made a conference just for me.” —Jan Lehnardt “Most amazing idea for a conference ever.” —Paul Breitzmann


Úll is a conference for iOS / Mac OS X / mobile developers and designers.

Why you’d want to come:

  • Learn about the cutting edge of building mobile and desktop apps.
  • Hang out with some of the brightest and best folks in the Apple development community.
  • Share three days with great food, great presentations and great company.

"Úll was sensational"

"The conference was one of the best I’ve ever attended"

"Going to a tech con, I wasn't expecting I would learn what I actually want to do with my life : to make people's life a bit better. #ullconf"

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