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Last active December 20, 2015 04:59
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"Been trying out @useTito as a replacement for Eventbrite, and it's working out super well so far. Way less clunky and great support!"

"@paulca Hey Paul, I’d like to say how impressed I am with @useTito - the 1st batch of @BathRuby tickets went on sale today & we had over…" "@paulca …2500 hits in less than 5 minutes without any complaints apart from people who didn’t manage to get a ticket before they sold out :)"

"Amazing service from @useTito and @pin_payments - If you are looking for event ticketing or CC payments, look no further!"

"unequivocally, have had better customer service from @paulca & @usetito in first few days than in lifetime of most companies i use. awesome!"

"MASSIVELY impressed by the booking process for @mkgn. / @usetito"

"really impressed by @useTito - great product, competitive pricing and really quick response to queries on a saturday! :)"

"My goodness. The @useTito dashboard is beautifully designed."

"HOLY CRAP! @useTito recognized the TYPE of CC based on the number! It’s sad that so few merchants do this that I am surprised when one does."

"The @useTito experience is so smooth & lovely. I dream of a world where airline booking systems are developed by similarly talented folk."

"Just signed up for Super @vanjs! Gotta say, @useTito is the best ticket system I've seen. Simple, intuitive UI and easy to add to Passbook"

"Once again @useTito makes paying for stuff a nice experience :)"

"Mind absolutely blown by the slick experience of booking a ticket via @useTito. #fabulous #howtodosoftware"

"Once more, I'd like to sing the praise for @useTito and their fantastic service. <3"

"Also, @useTito is fantastic for purchasers. Much better than any other ticket-buying experience I've had."

"2 days to @nickelcityruby! (Btw, @useTito is awesome)"

"@rubyconf Nice job with the registration site. Easiest $ I’ve ever spent." "@jakep36 Thanks goes to @useTito for registration to @rubyconf" "@mghaught @useTito @rubyconf Good to know. Great UX!"

"I love that @useTito is not only a ticketing site, but also a great place to identify the best tech conferences. win + win = EPIC WIN."

"Businesses like @useTito (Dublin) and @PCH_Intl (Cork & Shenzen) are making waves worldwide."

"@useTito love how you keep constantly improving tito by adding new features... and the quality support is unmatched anyway! <3"

"@useTito I'm trying this as we speak ;) Your service is awesome. Congrats."

"Thanks again to @useTito for making selling tickets so beautifully simple."

"wow, @useTito support is classy :)"

"wow, the @useTito admin interface is looking sweeter by the day — excellent work there @paulca and team."

"Just bought my @scotrubyconf ticket \o/

Also @useTito is really slick. Good job!"

"It’s quite clear @useTito was made with <3.

If you’re selling tickets to something, it’s easily the best option."

"@Matthis_D That's one of the reasons we chose @useTito for ticketing. The end-to-end experience is absolutely top notch and we love that ;-)"

"Well @useTito has been rock solid today, very impressed, great job @paulca and team."

"Really appreciative to our @useTito for not only their amazing software but their support and always being there. <3"

"@useTito And we couldn't be more happy with it! Congratulations in amazing tool! @lxjs"

"Totally impressed by @useTito. I've never been excited about a ticket purchase before. Smart team: @paulca @drbparsons @kilmc @Paddy"

" looks like a great experience - can’t wait to run an event through it."

"Taking for a spin. From what I'm seeing so far, it's every bit as good as promised for conference ticketing."

"Always such a pleasure booking event tickets through @useTito"

"whoaaa @useTito is rad. easiest ticket buying experience thingymabob i've ever had"

"Turns out @brooklynbeta wasn’t sold out after all. Yay! Also my first time at using @useTito, what a slick process."

"@paulca @tsaleh @usetito It's been a pleasure to use. Great work!"

"@tsaleh @walski @rubyconf @useTito @paulca it works so well! At @cssconf we were super happy with it."

"@paulca @useTito yup =) the interaction design is flawless. it's REALLY well done, mate" "The end-to-end experience on @usetito is absolutely top notch. This is how ticketing is done."

"Want a modern way to handle event ticketing? @useTito #DieTicketMasterAndFriends"

"Wow, @usetito’s UI is beaaaaautiful."

"Organizing events and you have tickets to sale? Just use @useTito, it’s getting better every day."

"Visually it’s slick. Userability is so straightforward"

"seeing lots of people using sub-standard ticketing solutions for their events. They obviously haven’t tried out @useTito."

"Just filled in what was probably the most enjoyable User Experience of a booking form for an @ixdadublin event! Loving the @useTito form!"

"@notbencarter The conference software I talked about on Amplified was @useTito. Incredibly good."

"Using @useTito for an upcoming event. Glorious. Though the "time until your event" did give me a brief panic attack.

I kid. I never panic."

"@rulu found the experience of getting a rulu ticket to be terrific! Good going @useTito :)"

"I am no UX expert but it’s one of the hottest & responsive I have used -- “@jumpstartlab: @JaretManuel thanks! @useTito is hot, right?”"

"I'm salivating over the @useTito website. If it delivers on all it promises for event management, it may just become my favorite app."

"If you are running an event, check out @useTito for registration. I learned of it today and was a great experience."

"By the way, may I just say that the folks at @useTito are absolutely awesome at support :)

<3 <3 <3"

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“Booking things through @usetito is an absolute breeze. Love it.”

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“I think I just had the most pleasant purchase/cart web checkout experience ever. Great job @usetito where clearly "The Experience Matters".”

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“Been really impressed with @usetito for both their software and their support. I definitely recommend using them for your conference.”

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“The customer support I get on twitter from @usetito is better than all support from most broadband and energy companies combined! <3”

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