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Paul Dacus pauldacus

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pauldacus / refinery-logs-2.0.3
Created Apr 2, 2012
Refinery logs when search results not displayed
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Started GET "/refinery/pages?search=tgh" for at 2012-04-02 12:41:06 -0700
Processing by Refinery::Admin::PagesController#index as HTML
Parameters: {"search"=>"tgh", "locale"=>:en}
Refinery::Role Load (0.5ms) SELECT "refinery_roles".* FROM "refinery_roles" WHERE "refinery_roles"."title" = 'Refinery' LIMIT 1
Refinery::User Load (0.3ms) SELECT "refinery_users".* FROM "refinery_users" INNER JOIN "refinery_roles_users" ON "refinery_users"."id" = "refinery_roles_users"."user_id" WHERE "refinery_roles_users"."role_id" = 1
Refinery::User Load (0.3ms) SELECT "refinery_users".* FROM "refinery_users" WHERE "refinery_users"."id" = 1 LIMIT 1
Refinery::UserPlugin Load (0.4ms) SELECT "refinery_user_plugins".* FROM "refinery_user_plugins" WHERE "refinery_user_plugins"."user_id" = 1 ORDER BY position ASC
Refinery::Role Load (0.3ms) SELECT "refinery_roles".* FROM "refinery_roles" INNER JOIN "refinery_roles_users" ON "refinery_roles"."id" = "refinery_roles_users"."role_id" WHERE "refinery_roles_users"
pauldacus / refinery_search_2.0.2
Created Mar 23, 2012
Refinery search doesn't seem to "always" work
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I am finding odd behavior in refinerycms search (2.0.2):
1) I have a page with title "tgt"
2) I search for "tgt", I get a blank search page (no pages match)
3) Checking the logs seems to indicate that refinery is at least finding my page, just not displaying it in the search results.
From rails dbconsole (it's page id=4):
sqlite> select * from refinery_pages;