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pauldraper /
Last active Aug 23, 2019
Generator vs Array vs Inline iteration

In this test, inline is 10x faster than arrayt which is 1.4x faster than generator.

pauldraper /
Last active Apr 15, 2020
Docker ECR credential helper
# A docker credential helper that automatically calls AWS CLI for docker push/pull.
cat <<EOF
grep -q 'dkr.ecr.[^.]\' - || exit
aws --output text ecr get-authorization-token --query authorizationData[0].authorizationToken \
| base64 --decode \
| sed -e 's/:/", "Secret":"/' -e 's/^/{"Username":"/' -e 's/$/"}/'
EOF | sudo tee /usr/local/bin/docker-credential-ecr-login
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-credential-ecr-login
pauldraper / events.ts
Last active Mar 15, 2019
OpenTracing for Node.js http
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import { EventEmitter } from 'events';
import { globalTracer, Span } from 'opentracing';
* All events from the emitter share the same span.
export function activateEventEmitter(span: Span, emitter: EventEmitter) {
const { emit } = emitter;
emitter.emit = function(this: any) {
const args = arguments;
pauldraper / BiMap.scala
Created Dec 22, 2013
Scala BiMap - a bidirectional map for Scala
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import scala.collection.mutable.Map
class BiMap[A,B] extends BiMapHelper(Map[A,B](), Map[B,A]()) {
object BiMap {
def apply[A,B](elems:(A,B)*) = new BiMap[A,B] ++= elems