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This function will get the average colour of an image file using PHP and Image Magick using the IMagick extension.
* Get the average pixel colour from the given file using Image Magick
* @param string $filename
* @param bool $as_hex Set to true, the function will return the 6 character HEX value of the colour.
* If false, an array will be returned with r, g, b components.
function get_average_colour($filename, $as_hex_string = true) {
try {
// Read image file with Image Magick
$image = new Imagick($filename);
// Scale down to 1x1 pixel to make Imagick do the average
$image->scaleimage(1, 1);
/** @var ImagickPixel $pixel */
if(!$pixels = $image->getimagehistogram()) {
return null;
} catch(ImagickException $e) {
// Image Magick Error!
return null;
} catch(Exception $e) {
// Unknown Error!
return null;
$pixel = reset($pixels);
$rgb = $pixel->getcolor();
if($as_hex_string) {
return sprintf('%02X%02X%02X', $rgb['r'], $rgb['g'], $rgb['b']);
return $rgb;
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kmvan commented Sep 14, 2017

Ur cool man.

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