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Last active March 27, 2021 15:07
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Specify the hour of the day that the Shield Security plugin executes its daily cron
* The Scanner cron job run by the Shield plugin is responsible for executing the scans.
* If you're running ShieldFREE, the scans runs automatically once per day. On ShieldPRO, it can repeat up to every hour.
* The Cron is configured to have a start time - i.e. the first time that the cron will execute. Then it repeats based on your settings.
* If the hour at which the cron is set to run is 3 a.m. (the default), it will first run the next day at 3am, and then
* every day thereafter at 3 a.m. If this default hour doesn't suit, you can change it using a WordPress filter.
* The following example will change the hour to 5 a.m. instead of the default, 3 a.m.
* Note: The hour is 24hr notation, so 5 a.m. is '5', and 5 p.m. is '17'.
* Note: Shield crons are reset/setup at instant the plugin is upgraded/activated - ensure that this filter is in-place beforehand so your preferences are applied.
add_filter( 'shield/scan_cron_start_hour', function ( $hour ) {
return 5;
} );
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