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Created December 12, 2020 11:37
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Automatically add WordPress site to your iControlWP control panel from ManageWP (or other)
* You may automatically add any WordPress site to your iControlWP account by using the "code run"
* or "code snippets" feature in ManageWP.
* Please follow these steps:
* 1) Install and activate the iControlWP plugin on your WordPress site.
* 2) Grab your "AUTHENTICATION_KEY" from your iControlWP account:
* -
* 3) Enter your AUTHENTICATION_KEY and registered iControlWP email address below where indicated.
* - ensure to keep the single quotes in-place.
* 4) Check the $path variable. This assumes your WP Content and plugins folders are "normal" and unchanged
* from defaults.
* 5) Copy and paste all the code into the "code snippets" tool. You don't need these comments, and
* please ensure the file starts with "<?php"
$path = path_join( ABSPATH, 'wp-content/plugins/worpit-admin-dashboard-plugin/auto_add.php' );
$res = file_put_contents(
wp_json_encode( [
'api-key' => 'AUTHENTICATION_KEY',
] )
if ( $res !== false && $res > 0 ) {
echo 'Auto-Add site configuration created. Site will be automatically added to your iControlWP account shortly.';
else {
echo 'Failed to create Auto-Add site configuration. You may not have file system permissions, or your directory structure is not as expected';
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