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Last active March 27, 2021 10:29
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Set Service Providers to be "untrusted" in Shield Security
* Use this filter to tell Shield to NOT automatically whitelist certain providers.
* By default Shield will never block official service providers and web crawlers. You can turn off this behaviour on
* a per-service basis using this filter.
* Understand that Shield doesn't then "block" the provider, it simply no longer gives it a free pass. If it abuses your
* resources or performs requests that cause offenses, it may be then blocked by Shield.
* For example, you may find a particular webcrawler abuses your resources repeatedly. Let's say the web crawler in question
* is the Huawei / PetalBot crawler. This example demonstrates how to turn off automatic whitelisting for this crawler.
* To find the full list of recognised Crawlers, please see this URL:
* From the JSON, use the "key" for each crawler/service provider in the filter function.
* We've provided a few here as examples, but please only specify the ones you want to "un-bypass".
add_filter( 'shield/untrusted_service_providers', function ( $providers ) {
$providers[] = 'huawei';
$providers[] = 'bing';
$providers[] = 'baidu';
$providers[] = 'yandex';
// ALWAYS return $providers.
return $providers;
} );
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