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// Written by Paul Kaplan
var AsciiStlWriter = (function() {
// ASCI STL files
function stringifyVector(vec){
return ""+vec.x+" "+vec.y+" "+vec.z;
function stringifyVertex(vec){
return "vertex "+stringifyVector(vec)+" \n";
function geometryToStlString(geom){
var vertices = geom.vertices;
var tris = geom.faces;
var stl = "solid pixel";
for(var i = 0; i<tris.length; i++){
stl += ("facet normal "+stringifyVector( tris[i].normal )+" \n");
stl += ("outer loop \n");
stl += stringifyVertex(vertices[tris[i].a]);
stl += stringifyVertex(vertices[tris[i].b]);
stl += stringifyVertex(vertices[tris[i].c]);
stl += ("endloop \n");
stl += ("endfacet \n");
stl += ("endsolid");
return stl
var save = function(geometry, filename) {
var stlString = geometryToStlString(geometry);
var blob = new Blob([stlString], {type: 'text/plain'});
saveAs(blob, filename);
} = save;
return that;
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