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Why functional programming matters (aka MapReduce for humans)
import com.cloudera.crunch._
import com.cloudera.scrunch._
class ScrunchWordCount {
def wordCount(inputFile: String, outputFile: String) = {
val pipeline = new Pipeline[ScrunchWordCount]
.write(to.textFile(outputFile)) // Word counts
.map((word, count) => (word.slice(0, 1), count))
.groupByKey.combine(v => v.sum).materialize
object ScrunchWordCount {
def main(args: Array[String]) = {
new ScrunchWordCount.wordCount(args(0), args(1))

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paulmillr commented Mar 10, 2012

This is analog of scala-hadoop code in imperative style.

Scala-hadoop example has six classes which are much more harder to read & understand than this small 22-LOC file.

Crunch / Scrunch is a simple & efficient FP-style wrapper over hadoop.

The example was taken from Dean Wampler's talk on fp & big data.

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